By Mike Pomranz
Updated: January 24, 2017

It may never have quite the cachet of the gondolas of Venice, but the Japanese city of Osaka hopes floating giant plates of sushi down their own river should get a few tourists out nonetheless.

This October, as part of the Osaka Canvas Project arts festival, the city plans to feature an installation known as “Rolling Sushii,” which will consist of five giant pieces of floating foam sushi being paraded down a local waterway. It’s being dubbed “the world’s first giant floating sushi train,” according to Rocket News 24—a claim I don’t foresee anyone disputing.

Apparently, the project is fitting for Osaka, as it’s not only considered a Japanese culinary hub but was also home to the world’s first conveyor belt sushi restaurant in 1958. (Nearly 60 years ago? People just aren’t innovating sushi restaurants like they used to.)

The giant sushi train went for a trial float last week, making for plenty of awesome photos. Someone even played spoiler and caught it on YouTube. But for those who want to see one of the official runs—because you can’t really say you’ve seen sushi floating down a river if you’ve only seen the dress rehearsal—mark your calendar: They’ll be happening on October 4, 5 and 17.

Hopefully by then they’ll have worked out all the kinks…or prepared the fake soy sauce…or whatever needs to be done between a trial floating-sushi run and the real thing.

This story originally appeared on FWx

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