By Courtney Kenefick
January 24, 2017
Janie Bryant

With just three episodes of AMC’s Mad Men left, fans will soon be lamenting over the finality of show’s last airing. But at the end of this era, the show’s award-winning costume designer, Janie Bryant, will help to usher in another: the re-opening of the Watergate Hotel. The iconic establishment will reveal a $125 million dollar renovation this summer, complete with staffers outfitted in retro-inspired uniforms designed by Bryant.

All associates—from the bartenders at the opulent whiskey bar (where Don Draper would have surely hung out) to the servers at two restaurants—will greet guests in uniforms inspired partly by vintage images from the luxury hotel’s glitzy and powerful past.

Visitors can expect to see servers in windowpane four-button suits and sheath dresses, doormen in topcoats and hats, and front desk staff in patterned A-line dresses. Combined with the Ron Arad-designed mid-century interiors, these looks will alluringly capture hotel’s iconic history in a modern way. The gold, camel, black, grey, and red ensembles are another example of what Bryant does so well: sartorially capturing the essence and glamour of a bygone time, while simultaneously making the clothes feel very now and tremendously covetable.

Courtney Kenefick is the assistant fashion editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @coco_kenefick.