By Erika Owen
June 16, 2015
Christian Kerber

Iceland is having a moment. This past May, more than 20,000 American tourists made a stop in the country, increasing 2014’s numbers by 76 percent. This isn’t the first year the country has seen a jump like this. In 2014, the number of U.S. tourists grew 24 percent over 2013. What this means: the sky’s the limit when looking forward to next year.

There was one major factor in this growth: Two regional airlines, WOW air and Delta, collectively added 66 flights heading from the U.S. to Iceland in May. While this is a huge boost in Iceland-bound plane seats, we’d like to throw some creativity credit to the country’s human search engine, Ask Guðmundur.

Have you been to Iceland? Need some more convincing?

We get it: Sometimes jumping on the of-the-moment destination bandwagon isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In that case, we’ve got some Icelandic inspiration that might help you make up your mind:

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