The foolproof way to keep a suit wrinkle-free in your carry-on. 

Men, traveling for business isn't always easy and figuring out what to pack can be equally cumbersome. After all, how exactly are you supposed to pack those expensive suits without ruining them? Turns out, it's easier than you think! Follow our quick 7-step guide and pack your suit—with minimal wrinkling and maximum space—like a pro.

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How to pack dress pants

1) Hold pants upside down from the bottom hem and find their natural break.

2) Lay the pants down along their natural creases and fold them in half. Then fold them in half again

3) Fold in half again.

How to pack a suit jacket

4) Hold jacket upright with hands in the shoulders and the liner facing you.

5) Fold the jacket in half, shoulder to shoulder.

6) Turn one shoulder inside out over the other shoulder so that the lining is facing outward.

7) Fold pants inside Jacket and pack.

Take that extra time you would spend fighting that creased jacket and have some fun.