By Erika Owen
September 10, 2015
Denver Post via Getty Images

If you didn't make it on to the website for Frontier's $1 flight sale earlier this month, today is your lucky day. The airline is offering slightly more expensive—but still incredibly cheap—tickets fror $29 in select cities. The catch: You've got to buy the ticket before midnight on September 10th and your trip has to fall between September 19th and November 19th, 2015. Participating cities include Cleveland, Cincinatti, Washinton D.C., Indianappolis, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Trenton, Denver, Raleigh, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Des Moines, Phoenix, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Memphis, and Detroit.

There are a number of $15 flights still available, as well. Head on over to the Frontier Airlines website to find out where you can fly on the cheap.

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