Welcome back to The Friday Download, T+L’s weekly roundup of books, music, and internet culture that promise to carry you through the weekend, whether your itinerary is jam-packed with travel or you’re staying put, staycation style. This week: a New Orleans-inspired album, time-tested French beauty secrets, and more.

By Caroline Hallemann
July 17, 2015
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Danielle Moir


Jon Cleary's "Get'cha GoGo Juice"
Take an aural trip down South this weekend with Jon Cleary's latest, an upbeat track offering listeners a taste of the Big Easy. "Get'cha GoGo Juice," debuting today on Travel + Leisure, showcases the New Orleans vernacular, highlighting conversations the genre-bending musician heard at shows around town.

"'GoGo Juice' is just a metaphor for whatever rocks your boat, presses your buttons, lights your fire or flicks your switch really, whatever turns you on. One of my r‘n’b heroes, Earl King, once advised me to always listen out for things you can use in a song and write them down. This particular tune is comprised entirely of lines I’ve overheard people say in New Orleans, mostly nonsense but things that tickled me: ‘you don’t need a license… ‘til you get caught’ or ‘pay’s not great but the work is hard’ or ‘I don’t need the money, just the people I owe.’

You have to remember that what they call ‘funk' is basically the default mode of any musician out of New Orleans. On this track we were just doing what comes naturally, and I think it’s obvious on this track right from the down beat how much fun we were having."

Cleary's "Get'cha GoGo Juice" debuts below. Like what you hear? Pre-order the album on iTunes.com


The French Beauty Solution
Some self-help books are worth not much more than a side-eye, but Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas's new title is one worth picking up. Tap into the long-held beauty secrets of famous French women like Marion Cotillard and Brigitte Bardot with this primer, which covers everything from how to manage stress to the very best skincare ingredients. Download it here.


Animated Flyover of Pluto 
On Tuesday, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, a feat nine years and three billion miles in the making. This morning, scientists uploaded a simulated flyover of the dwarf planet's Norgay mountain range by animating the craft's closest-approach images. Watch the clip below:


Either I drank too much Pinterest Kool-Aid, or it's been a banner month for architecture photography. First, I found myself enamoured with artist Andre Vincente Goncalves's "Windows of the World" series, and now I can't stop refreshing The Door Project's feed of entrance ways across the globe. The vibrant Santa Fe exterior below is one of my favorites, but there's plenty more where that came from, over on Instagram.

[View the story "@thedoorproject" on Storify]

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