How does the private-jet experience stack up to what you get with a commercial flight? Here’s a closer look at a one-way flight between New York City and Los Angeles on both ClipperJet and American Airlines.

By Seth Miller
Updated: April 27, 2018
Courtesy of ClipperJet / American Airlines


Price: $2,425 ($9,700 monthly for at least four one-way trips).
Schedule: One flight per day, six days a week; times selected by member-run board.
Airports: Teterboro Airport to Van Nuys. No check-in or security lines; passengers can arrive within minutes of departure.
Aircraft: 14-person Gulfstream IV with leather seats, Wi-Fi, hors d’oeuvres, and high-end wines.
Length of Flight: Four hours, 20 minutes, gate to gate.
Takeaway: Privacy and a significantly faster experience, for a 35 percent premium.

American Airlines First Class

Price: Approximately $1,800.
Schedule: Choice of 13 direct departures daily.
Airports: JFK to LAX. First-class passengers receive expedited check-in and access to the club lounge.
Aircraft: Airbus A321 with lie-flat seats, Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, and full meal service.
Length of Flight: Six hours, 20 minutes, gate to gate, according to FiveThirtyEight’s fastest-flight online tool.
Takeaway: More departures to choose from—and lie-flat seats for travelers who want sleep.

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