Expo Milano 2015, dedicated to the theme of nutrition, will be the greatest gathering of concerned people and nations ever created. 

By Travel + Leisure
January 24, 2017
POWERED BY: Expo Milano

Come May, the world will focus its attention on Milan and "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life," the theme of Expo Milano 2015. This Universal Exposition will bring together more than 140 countries and organizations to address the challenges of ensuring safe and sufficient food and water for all while respecting nature and its delicate balance. It will also be a place to discover and sample the most amazing food from all over the world.


Built as a city spanning nearly 270 acres northwest of Milan, Expo Milano 2015 will be enlivened by thousands of restaurants, performances, concerts, workshops and exhibitions from morning to night.

Atop Mediterranean Hill, which represents typical vegetation and cultivation of the Mediterranean ecosystem, visitors can view the entire site. Expo’s magnificent Lake Arena, consisting of a water basin with a 295-foot diamenter surrounded by a 300,000-square-foot treel-lined piazza will be the setting for water games, fire shows and other entertainment on floating platforms. The area has seating for 3,000 and can hold up to 20,000 people.

More than 50 pavilions erected by individual countries will offer experiences that combine tradition, technology and innovation — and opportunities to sample foods produced by each.

The architecture of the sustainable USA pavilion suggests the lines of a traditional American barn with a vertical farm that will be harvested daily. It also features a wooden boardwalk, a large video installation, interactive exhibition areas, a rooftop terrace and café and shops. Additionally, the James Beard American restaurant and Food Truck Nation will showcase USA fare.

Countries without their own pavilion will be represented in the Clusters section to highlight their own foods and traditions. Nine "thematic villages" — one of the most innovative elements introduced by Expo Milano 2015 — are dedicated to food chains that deliver Coffee, Rice, Cocoa, Spices, Fruits and Legumes, Cereals and Tubers. Other Clusters will be dedicated specific nutrition-related themes (Bio-Mediterraneum, Agriculture and Nutrition in the Arid Zones, Sea and Food.

Five Thematic Areas, including a Future Food District, the Arts & Foods Pavilion (hosted at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan and offering a taste of Expo Milano 2015 in the heart of the city), Biodiversity and Children’s parks and Pavilion Zero will also engage visitors.


April 30, 2015: The Night Before Opening
Two world-renowned Italians lend their talents to launch Expo Milano 2015: Giorgio Armani, named a "Special Ambassador," celebrates his fashion label’s 40 years in business with a runway show in Milan. Later, "Extraordinary Ambassador" Andrea Bocelli performs the event’s official song "La forza del sorriso" (the power of a smile) in a live show, together with International guests, to be broadcast worldwide.

May 1, 2015: The Inauguration Ceremony
The most eminent representatives of Italian government and international institutions gather in Milan to launch Expo Milano 2015 with the Inauguration ceremony In the evening, a concert of the bells of Milan Cathedral and the Ambrosian Archidiocese will echo through the city while La Scala Theatre will open the Expo Milano 2015 season with the Turandot,by Giacomo Puccini.

May 1 through October 31, 2015

Running from 10 am to 11 pm daily for six months, the Expo Site will welcome and enlighten visitors from around the world who want to live in a healthier and more sustainable world.


Tickets purchased before the opening (May, 1st) are priced at a discount of up to 20 percent. With 20 million visitors expected, it’s a smart move to get yours now and avoid standing on line later.