33 ways to make it last.

By Travel + Leisure
Updated: February 02, 2017

Oh, those bittersweet, waning days of summer—the sun sinking lower in the sky, stray leaves already starting to turn. Wasn't it just yesterday that you broke out the barbecue and your favorite beach chair?But take heart, summer-lovers: the water's still warm, the grill is still hot, and the season's not over yet. So slather on the sunblock and grab your flip-flops—here are 33 ideas to take you past Labor Day.

1. Rent a convertible 2. Have a scoop 3. Paddle a canal
4. Ride a roller coaster 5. Kick off your shoes 6. Snap a picture
7. Go back to camp 8. Chill out 9. Read a book
10. Eat a burger 11. Find some peace and quiet 12. Tend your garden
13. Face the music 14. Have a clambake 15. Stay cool as a cucumber
16. Pack a bag 17. Practice yoga 18. Hop on a bike
19. Sip a drink 20. Catch a movie 21. Climb a tree
22. Rent a house 23. Ride the rails 24. Plan a picnic
25. Sleep outside 26. Learn to sail 27. Express yourself
28. Go fishing 29. Hunt for bargains 30. Rise above it all
31. Get wet 32. Improve your swing 33. Take a hike