By Erika Owen
Updated: January 24, 2017
Courtesy of Enchante Boutique Hotel

Enchanté Boutique Hotel, which opened April 1, is calling itself a “new landmark” for Los Altos, California, and indeed the area’s “first romantic luxury hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley.” If you’re unsure how one finds amore and opulence in a part of the country known, in part, for its dearth of either, allow us to explain by way of its pretty amazing offerings:

Canine Concierge

Pets are more than just allowed at this hotel—Enchanté has a number of services to accommodate pet guests. Fleur de Lis, resident furry friend and canine concierge, will greet you and your pet at check-in. They’ve even got pet-friendly rooms (with canine themes and custom-made dog beds to boot) ready to accommodate every four-legged need.

Gas-Lit Lamps

This is a surprisingly low-tech choice, considering the locale. Long live ambiance!

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Parisian decor

The entire hotel is decked out in French design details, and many of its antiques and fixtures coming from the hotel owner’s own collection. It all serves to bring a bit of Old World wonder to a spot four miles froom Google HQ.

“L'art de Recevoir”

This means “the art of receiving” and it’s the motto of the establishment. In their words: “You will experience the ambiance of a fine European hotel without the need of your passports.”

Gourmet Breakfast

Forget quick continentals—everyone knows “chef-prepared” is the best way to wake up in the morning. Even more, guests get to enjoy a light repast inside the hotel’s library.

Fireplace Hang-Outs

You probably don’t need a fireplace in the middle of California, but still, there’s nothing better than picking up a post-meal read and putting your feet up by the fire.

“Napoleon Treasures”

Included in the aforementioned antiques: handpicked artifacts from French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte—including military hats!

Rooms start at $250 per night. You can find a full list of the 19 rooms and their rates here.