By Erika Owen
Updated: January 24, 2017
Brendan Macneill

If you're a fan of planning your vacation around sweet eats, you've got to add Mary's Milk Bar to your bucket list. The Internet recently caught on to the restaurant's Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Floats (spoiler: they're every bit as wonderful as theys sound). The fact that there are 30 different float combinations (think: Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Hot Chocolate with Spiced Cherry Ice Cream) is enough justification for impulse buying a ticket to Scotland, stat.

The artist behind these floats—seriously, she went to art school—is Mary Hillard, a chocolatier and former Gelato University student (that's a real place). But The Milk Bar is worth a visit for more reasons than their sugary sweets. The space is reminiscent of a milk bar you'd likely see in the 1940s with vintage furniture, era-specific music, insanely adorable ice cream cone-shaped lighting, and a 60-year-old milkshake machine that's still in use. Need more convincing? The bar is nestled right next to Edinburgh Castle.

Here's a look at some of Mary's masterpieces:

[View the story "Mary's Milk Bar, Edinburgh" on Storify]

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