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Erika Owen
June 03, 2015

Delta’s new Early Valet service might not be as delicious as the brand’s in-flight pizza party or as entertaining as its meme-filled safety video, but it’s bound to take some stress out of flying.

The airline is now pre-loading carry-on bags for especially full flights, in an attempt to speed up the boarding and deplaning processes. This concept was tested in Atlanta and Los Angeles last summer with promising results, and now it’s expanding to include flights from seven different cities.

The real efficiency comes from the flight crew’s role in the process. Once the customer arrives at his or her gate, a Delta employee will take care of stowing any carry-on luggage in the overhead bin above the flyer’s assigned seat. This (theoretically) saves time and ensures that all bags are safely stored before take off.

Early Valet is currently offered on about two-dozen flights departing from Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Seattle, according to a Delta spokesperson. The program will run through August 31st

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