So much for all-inclusive

Jim Glab
June 10, 2009

While it's true that all meals and entertainment are included in a cruise's up-front price, little else is. Her'es a look at what some other products and services will cost you. (Prices for each line hold steady from ship to ship, except on Radisson Seven Seas; we've listed the Radisson Diamond to represent the line's pricing.) The lesson here is the usual one: Ask before you book.
-- Jim Glab

How those little add-ons addup
cruise linesuggested tips, per daybottle of wine with dinnercaribbean shore excursioncappuccino10-minute call from ship in caribbean to chicagotop-shelf martini
Windstar Cruisesup to passenger$18 - $78$17 - $79included$168$4.75
Radisson Diamondincludedincluded$16 - $199included$150$3.50
Norwegian Cruise Line$7.50$18 - $138$15 - $177$1.50 (included with meals)$60$4.50
Crystal Cruises$10.50$18 - $500$29 - $297$1.50$125$7
Holland Americaup to passenger$16 - $125$14 - $429included$150$6.50
Royal Caribbean International$9$15 - $99$9 - $295$1.50$155$4.95
Celebrity Cruises$7.50$16 - $145$12 - $195$1.75$95$4.50

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