By Lindsey Campbell
October 06, 2015
Getty Images

Imagine an airport terminal where there are no delays or lines to check in, and where every passenger rolling a 5-star wheelie is wearing a luxe-leisure track suit, tweed two-set, or sparkling, plane-to-party evening dress. 

Welcome to Chanel Airlines, departing Airport Paris Cambon in the Grand Palais, the stage for designer Karl Lagerfeld's spectacular, globetrotting spring collection. At Paris Fashion Week, Chanel transformed the Grand Palais into a pristine airport terminal—complete with check-in counters, baggage check and flight crew. 

Named after the street—Rue Cambon, where the fashion house has its hub—the faux-port was a fashion editor’s heaven: clean, well-lit, and free of crowds, surly desk clerks, and even vaguely-unattractive/messily-dressed travelers. Here, women wore only sharp business suits, chic, convertible layers, and scarf dresses graphically printed with departure times; they wore giant, red-eye-disguising sunglasses, flats that illuminated like airplane aisles, and really fancy, matching luggage, too.

Offering non-stop service to all cities that have had their own Chanel show recently—Seoul, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, and Tokyo, among them—Chanel Airlines will surely be the preferred carrier for fashion's frequent flyers, specifically those traveling with double-C status, next season. Ladies and gentleman: head to Gate No. 5, your flight is now boarding. 

Take a look at Chanel’s Instagram (snippets below) for a peek at the scene. On view: Chanel boarding passes, baggage accessories, and the most fashionable “fasten your seatbelt” sign you’ve ever seen.

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