There has to be a twist.

By Melissa Locker
August 10, 2015
Getty Images

Deep in the basement of a Budapest apartment building lies one of the city’s best kept—albeit noisiest—secrets: the Flipper Muzeum, Hungary’s only museum dedicated to pinball.

Opened in April 2014 by pinball enthusiast Balazs Palfi, the museum houses 130 different varieties of everyone’s favorite bar game, with options that range from Space Invaders to The Simpsons to Star Wars and beyond.

The museum features a few historical relics with the oldest pinball model in their collection dating back to 1871, according to the museum’s website. The dazzling array of games includes plenty of pop culture tie-ins like Indiana Jones and the Addams Family, as well as music-related games featuring Elvis, Guns N’ Roses, and The Who (the latter thanks to their song, “Pinball Wizard”).

The games started out as part of Palfi’s personal collection, but as he added more and more games, importing them from 16 different countries, including the United States, Belgium, and France, he realized that opening a museum would grant him more space to store his treasures. Today the museum lets him share his love of the classic arcade game with the world; pinball-obsessed visitors are more than happy to dole out the price of admission (2,500 Hungarian forints, about $8.80) and play. (This museum is hands-on; visitors can play for as long as they want.)

Next up: the museum will host a pinball tournament in November, when 128 players from around the world will compete at the three-day event. Game on!

Can’t make it to Budapest? Check out Seattle’s Pinball Museum, Asbury Park, N.J.’s Silverball Museum, Roanoke, Virginia’s Pinball Museum, and Las Vegas’s Pinball Hall of Fame.

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