And it's inside of an RV, of course

By Erika Owen
January 24, 2017
Getty Images

For the next three months, Breaking Bad fans in London will have a chance to sip some cocktails inside of bar themed around the hit TV show. The best part: The entire thing is inside of an RV that looks exactly like the vehicle Walter and Jesse spent a good amount of time "cooking" in throughout the show. In fact, ABQ—an acronym standing for "Albuquerque" and the group behind the bar—invites drinkers to come and do a bit of cooking themselves in the form of on-site mixology classes.

The space officially opened today and will run through October. The $47 tickets—which include two Breaking Bad-inspired cocktails—are becoming scarce. You can only purchase access to the pop-up for September and October. Head to the bar's website for information on getting your ticket.

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