A low-tech installation in Cahors, France achieves a pretty impressive visual effect.

By Spencer Peterson
Updated: January 24, 2017
Atelier Yok Yok

The Festival Juin Jardins Cahors 2015 brought cool art project to 25 open gardens around Cahors, France, but only one of them ended up looking like the bikes from Tron had driven through it. Paris architecture studio Atelier YokYok used some 48 miles of electric-blue thread to turn a build a set of intersecting tunnels in the cloister of the 16th-century St. Stephen's Cathedral. The kind of bleary, indistinct end result is like a craft-store hologram.

Atelier Yok Yok

Arch-shaped frames at the gardens’ four corners are "linked to one another by a colourful woven structure that performs with light and mystery, revealing a light, dematerialised architecture," says the firm. The architects took down the tunnels last weekend, but not before they were named one of the competitions three winners. Check out the other entrants here.

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