The world cannot get enough of Bill Murray.

By Melissa Locker
January 21, 2017
© London Entertainment / Alamy Stock Photo

The actor, comedian, and so-called “secular saint,” not only stars in Sofia Coppola’s A Very Murray Christmas, which was filmed at New York’s iconic Carlyle Hotel and is now streaming on Netflix, but he also takes center stage at an offbeat new art exhibit in England. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, Murray has been the subject of several other exhibitions and a book.)

Artist Brian Griffiths has put together BILL MURRAY: a story of distance, size and sincerity, which is currently on display at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, in the north of England near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Griffiths was captivated by what he considers Murray’s authenticity. “Bill Murray is always authentic. He is consistently ‘BILL MURRAY’,” according to the museum’s description of the show. “His singularity breaks into irreducible ambiguities and contradictions—Bill the global superstar, the guy-next-door, anti-brand brand, irrepressible lothario, dignified clown, and droll philosopher.”

The result of digging into Murray’s “singularity” is an art show that features the many moods of Murray blown up into oversized portraits plastered on sculptural objects meant to represent nine distinct building styles, including a Los Angeles beach house and an ocean adventure dome. The works are littered with references to his films, as well as his imagined pastimes, including a whisky minibar, grand piano, and helicopter. “The installation is a metaphysical adventure story and a poetic tableau,” Griffiths told Hyperallergic.

If you find yourself in Newcastle or Gateshead from now until February 28, 2016, when the show closes, the Baltic should be easy to spot as Griffiths has created a giant banner of Bill Murray wearing head-to-toe checkers and put it on display on the building’s façade.

It’s also worth stopping by the museum’s gift shop, even if only virtually, for the Bill Murray t-shirt, a Thrill Murray coloring book, and more.