Courtesy of Baby Foot
Caroline Hallemann
June 03, 2015

I told my mother I was finally using the birthday present she gave me. She texted back: “Don’t be scared.”

Those are hardly the words you want to hear mid-beauty treatment. But that was my mom’s response when I mentioned I was finally trying Baby Foot. And frankly, it wasn’t totally unwarranted advice.

A fruit acid peel (with a somewhat terrifying name), the Japanese treatment is designed to prep even the most calloused feet for their summer sandal debut, but an at-home beach-ready pedicure comes at a price.

At first it seems as if Baby Foot is a lavender-scented, $25 version of snake oil. After an hour of soaking in the product-filled booties, my feet looked, and felt, exactly the same. Sure, the instructions said results typically take three to seven days after the initial application, but I wanted some sign that it was working.

Let’s just say the results were worth the wait. Right on schedule, three days post-treatment, my heels started to flake, and by Day 5, dead skin was peeling off the bottom of my feet in sheets.

I’m talking the worst sunburn of your life and then some kind of peeling (but without the pain). The whole process was unnerving—and a little bit gross—but my feet have never looked better.

Final verdict? If you can swing a solid three week lead time—trust me, no one wants to see your Day 6 feet shuffle through the security line—I’d highly recommend Baby Foot for a little pre-playa pampering. It’ll put your standard pumice stone to shame. 

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