Baggage charges are coming October 1.

By Benjamin Snyder / Fortune
Updated: March 21, 2016
© Amtrak

If you swear by traveling Amtrak, you better be careful with your luggage. The train will begin charging for extra baggage or bags that measure over the limits starting Oct. 1.

Customers will be charged a $20 excess baggage feet for every carry-on and personal item above the two-item and two carry-on limit. “A maximum of two excess bags are permitted per passenger. Fees will be collected at the station or onboard the train if the station is unstaffed,” according to the Amtrak website.

For carry-on bags, the weight limit is 50 lbs. and 28″ x 22″ x 11″ and for personal items, the weight limit is 25 lbs. and 14″ x 11″ x 17,” according to Amtrak.

The crews were in a difficult position because they couldn’t give anyone an option,” said Marc Magliari, an Amtrak spokesman, to Slate. “They had to decide, well, do we allow people to continue to ride?”

“It’s important that we preserve the space aboard the trains, because the trains are pretty busy,” Magliari added. “And it’s a safety issue for our crews having to lift more than 50 pounds.”

Here’s an article to learn more about Amtrak’s weight limit. Meanwhile, Fortune examined whether or not Amtrak should be privatized earlier this year.

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