By Samantha Shankman
September 02, 2015
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Before your next vacation, add one more thing to your pre-flight checklist: subscribe to Amazon Prime. As of this week, Prime members are now able to download movies and TV shows to iOS and Android devices for offline viewing—for free. That means everything from Modern Family to Amazon Originals like Transparent can be devoured in a media binge at 35,000 feet. 

Amazon Prime users previously had to pay to download individual episodes and movies, which is the same model used by Google Play and iTunes. Now, however, customers can download episodes and films individually without having to pay up.

Amazon may be the first subscription service allowing its customers to download content for the road, but those who get their cable TV from satellite provider Dish Network benefit from similar perks. Even still, the announcement gives Amazon an obvious advantage over its closest competitors, like, Netflix, which strongly stated in 2014 that it would not allow offline playback.

Let the in-flight entertainment wars rage on.