In the latest part of its #HostWithPride campaign, Airbnb “looks forward to a world where all love is welcome.”

By Spencer Peterson
Updated: January 24, 2017
via YouTube

“Travel breaks down barriers because people see you, you’re no longer a mystery,” says one of the subjects of “Love is Welcome Here,” a short documentary Airbnb released as part its #HostWithPride campaign. But on the way to breaking down those barriers, there are often anxieties about safety and dignity. Created in partnership with Molecule, the spot features several couples discussing how traveling as a queer couple is still attended by fears of prejudice.

“Traveling together, big towns, small towns, we pass as a straight couple,” says a cisgender woman, pictured doing some RV road-tripping with her partner, a transgender man. “If people knew that I was trans and we were queer,” her partner continues, “would these people talk to us? Would they be kind to us?” Most of the couples come back to this, having to assess the risks of displaying affection. Honeymoon-planning involves questions like “Will we be catcalled? Will we be followed?”

One half of a lesbian couple with a young son says that “your ultimate fear is your safety,” but other indignities come with the temptation to “pass” as something other than a couple. “You never want to be in a situation where you’re with your child and you’re going to deny being a family. Or pretend like you’re a mother and an aunt.” The partner of a young, bearded backpacker echoes the same sentiment: “Having to hide this aspect of ourselves feels like taking a step backward, hiding something that we worked so hard to achieve.”

Of course, Airbnb has no easy solution, beyond enforcing its anti-discrimination policy, but the hope, echoed at the end, is for “a world where all love is welcome.” For the much lighter side of #HostWithPride, see this branded reprisal of Le1f’s 2012 hit.

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