Nigel Cox Louis Vuitton's 18-karat gold bracelet.
Nigel Cox

With a charm bracelet, saying where you've been or where you're going is half the fun

Danielle Pergament
June 11, 2009

All the rage in the forties and fifties, charm bracelets—the talismans of the pious, the superstitious, and the well- traveled—are once again dangling from wrists everywhere. These clinking amulets tell a story, and the plot tends to go something like this: "I have journeyed to the far reaches of the globe." With the new model from Louis Vuitton—which comes with a lock and keys and can be customized with a gold, diamond-studded, Monopoly-size Eiffel Tower and other vestiges of a very bon voyage—the tale takes a new twist. This one says, "I have journeyed to the far reaches of the globe. In my Gulfstream 5. With a steamer trunk filled with small, unmarked bills." But whatever the bracelet and whatever its story, the idea is to continue adding charms along the way.

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