This 21-day Private Jet Trip Is on a Refurbished Boeing 757 With 50 Lie-flat Seats — and It Goes to 6 Arctic Destinations

You'll experience Indigenous culture, see magnificent wildlife, and find breathtaking landscapes on the three-week adventure.

Greenland, Kitsissunnguit (Grønne Ejland), Aerial view of towering glacial iceberg drifting near Basisø Island in southern Disko Bay on summer evening

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You've probably heard of around-the-world private jet trips, but how about an around-the-Arctic trip? Icelandic travel company The North is launching a three-week journey called Arctic Horizons in 2024, exploring six different Arctic destinations.

"For this carefully curated itinerary, we hand-selected the destinations that have most inspired us during our many journeys into the high latitudes and the Arctic," says Jón Olafur Magnussen, The North's co-founder, in an interview with Travel + Leisure. An avid Arctic adventurer, Magnussen established the company with his wife, Johanna Eyjolfsdottir; the duo also runs the travel company HL Adventure.

The experience begins and ends in Reykjavik, with stops in Ilulissat, Greenland; Sonora, Canada; Anchorage, Alaska; Longyearbyen, Svalbard; and Alta, Norway. At each stop, guests will spend several days based in luxury hotels, experiencing the destination's highlights. That includes visiting massive, sculptural icebergs, seeing wildlife like polar bears, eagles, and humpback whales, and learning about Indigenous culture across the region. The route also includes a celebratory Champagne toast aboard the private jet as it flies over the North Pole.

"To experience the sheer number of unique sights that the Arctic offers, there is no one destination that includes all the iconic highlights of these northern landscapes and habitats," Magnussen says. "By private jet, we can cover huge distances with the new eco-technology and efficiency of modern fuels."

Guests will be flown on a privately chartered Icelandair Boeing 757-200 aircraft configured to carry a maximum of 50 passengers in lie-flat seats. Private chefs will be on board to cater the journey.

"By expanding one's horizon of experience to these outer edges of our world, we hope guests will take away a profound sense of awe, wonder, and responsibility, and the feeling that belonging in the world enables us to care for it with stewardship and diligence," Magnussen says. "We hope that our guests will share their new knowledge and experiences with their friends and family members when they return home."

The 2024 trip is only the beginning for The North — Magnussen plans to expand the company's offerings to include destinations across northern Asia, including Mongolia, as well as itineraries completed on smaller private jets with smaller groups to destinations that a larger jet couldn't get to.

"Together, we will experience this world of unimaginable space and beauty, where nature helps us to understand the fragility of the entire biosphere and its inhabitants, and perhaps a pathway to a new way of thinking about our role and impact on its future," Magnussen says.

The inaugural Arctic Horizons private jet journey will take place from July 16 through August 4, 2024; rates start at $187,000 per person and can be booked at

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