Little Blue Penguin
Credit: Steve Clancy/Getty Images

You ever get a yen for sushi from your favorite shop? It’s arguably one of the most intense food cravings around. And we believe it’s one craving anybody should be allowed to indulge without police interference.

But two penguins in New Zealand defied police on Monday by returning to a sushi shop in Wellington not a few days after they were escorted from the premises.

The pair of blue penguins were called “waddling vagrants” by local police after they were twice removed from the same sushi shop. But instead of trying to get some fresh tuna rolls, officials believe the penguins were more likely nesting underneath the shop.

“Constable Zhu responded and, after sensing something fishy, established that the penguins were nesting underneath a food truck near the station,” Wellington District Police wrote on Facebook.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Wellington Zoo showed up to help remove the penguins and relocate them back to the beach.

“It’s pretty insane the idea that some penguins are camping out under your shop,” Wini Morris, who works at the sushi joint, told Radio NZ. “But it’s adorable I think - they’re probably terrified but it’s adorable.”

Motorists in the area have been asked to keep an eye out for the penguins in case they try to cross the road to reach the sushi shop again.

The DOC said that around this time of year, penguins are looking for places where they can nest. They were likely drawn to the space underneath the sushi shop because it was warm and smelled like fish.

Penguins are characteristically mischievous creatures. Last year, they were spotted taking selfies in Antarctica and watching a man perform some tricks with a yo-yo in Japan.