A dog rides a wave while competing during the Dog Surfing competition Championship at Beach, California
Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

There’s nothing better than watching a bunch of pooches catch party waves.

Over three-dozen dogs took part in the second annual World Dog Surfing Championship at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, just outside San Francisco, California, on Saturday.

For both dogs and humans alike, it was the best excuse to hang ten.

The competition included a variety of categories, including dog pairs or dog and human pairs. There were also frisbee and fetch competitions and a costume contest for dogs who were not really into dipping their paws in the water. But seeing bulldogs in bikinis was just as entertaining.

"Your dog is either into it, or isn’t. That’s the bottom line. If your dog’s into it, then it could be a cool rad thing to share,” Homer Henard, who competed with his 6-year-old Queensland Heeler named Skyler, told The San Mateo Daily Journal.

The brave canines who decided to ride the waves looked even better than their human counterparts. Skyler and Henard walked away taking second place in the competition.

According to the San Francisco Gate, dogs aren’t asked to perform any tricks, just to ride out the wave as long as they can. Owners must determine which wave to set their dog out on. If the wave is too strong, the dog could fall off, but if it’s too weak, the dog could be stuck on the water and not reach shore. Luckily, there are trainers on the beach to assist.

The dogs were also required to wear life jackets and vests, according to San Francisco’s SPIX.

We’re sure there were plenty of treats being passed around all weekend.