A Herd of Wild Goats Is Taking Over a Welsh Seaside Town Under Lockdown — and the Pictures Are Hysterical (Video)

A wild herd of over 100 Kashmiri goats have descended upon the Welsh seaside town of Llandudno while residents are under coronavirus lockdown.

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The goats typically live at the top of an attraction called the Great Orme, just outside of the town.

"There are very few visitors on the top [of the Orme], so they have come down in their droves," town councillor Carol Marubbi told The BBC. "There isn't anyone else around so they probably decided they may as well take over."

Last week, Andrew Stuart, a video and web producer at Manchester Evening News, shared on Twitter that he was looking out the window when he saw the pack of goats running about the streets. They were running chewing up shrubberies and flagrantly flouting social distancing rules. So Stuart called the police, who drove the herd out of town. Temporarily.

A few days later, the goats were back.

The goats are clearly not respecting the rules of lockdown, gathering in groups of far more than two and standing much closer together than six feet. The were also running around the streets, loitering in parking lots, and even peeping into house windows. All sense of town decorum was lost as humans of the United Kingdom grapple with over 25,000 cases of COVID-19.

“They know exactly what they’re doing,” Stuart wrote of another Twitter video.

Goats in Wales
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But Marubbi said the town is welcoming its new gang of goats. She told The BBC that residents of Llandudno were “very proud” of the animals and were enjoying the “free entertainment” from their windows.

Last year, the goats also came to town when they were driven off their mountain due to bad weather, The BBC reported at the time.

The goats aren’t the only animals to emerge in cities during the coronavirus outbreak. In Venice, fish and swans reappeared in the canals, due to less boat traffic.

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