Sure, dog cafés are awesome, but if you love huskies above all other pups, there's only one you need to visit.

True Love Café at Neverland in Bangkok, Thailand is the only Siberian Husky café in the world. According to TripAdvisor, for about 500 Thai Baht (about $15 USD), guests can come in, play with more than 20 huskies (and some other dogs living at the café) for an hour, then enjoy some coffee and food in the restaurant.

It sounds like heaven.

Insider sent filmmaker Filip Stransky to experience the cafe. According to his video, guests must first wash their hands and put on plastic booties before interacting with the dogs in order to protect them from foreign bacteria.

The café owner, Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, told Insider that even though the climate in Thailand is quite hot, the dogs are always kept comfortable. Ratanabirabongse and the staff keep the husky play area covered with a roof and keep fans running above the playground. Plus, visitors are encouraged to feed the dogs ice chips to keep them cool.

When playtime is over, the dogs are ushered into their indoor kennel, which Ratanabirabongse says is well air conditioned.

The owner also takes precautions to ensure safety. Visitors cannot be younger than 15 to interact with the dogs and there are outdoor enclosures for dogs who are “people shy” or, for whatever reason, aren’t feeling social, according to the blog Exploding Belly. All in all, it seems the staff makes sure everyone is having a good time.

As for the dogs who aren’t people shy, staff is happy to let you get a photo with them. According to Insider, they’re “practically professionals” when it comes to striking a pose.

After your hour is up with the huskies, you can enter the café and enjoy delicious refreshments like iced coffees, sodas, teas and fruit juices, as well as cakes, cookies, and savory dishes like gyoza, karaage, and Thai green curry.

According to Exploding Belly, getting to the café, while definitely worth it, can be a bit of a hike. It takes a bus trip, then a 25- to 30-minute walk (or you can take a cab). The café itself looks like it’s nestled in a residential area, so if you feel like you’ve wandered into a random neighborhood, you’re probably on the right track.

But if you can’t get to Bangkok just yet, you can enjoy tons of photos and videos from the café on its Facebook page.