Can we ride on it, too, pretty please?

By Cailey Rizzo
January 18, 2017
Credit: © Mikael Buck / More Th>n

Dog owners visiting London can take their companions along sightseeing on a canine-themed tour of the city.

According to the company offering the tours, the bus is the “world’s first ever city bus tour designed for dogs.” The tour is designed to show dogs and their owners around London’s canine history. The K9 route will pass Downing Street, Kensington Palace and Gardens, and the Houses of Parliament. On board, tour guides will share tidbits about famous London dogs, including Queen Elizabeth’s corgis and Winston Churchill’s poodle, Rufus.

But because this is a tour designed for dogs, there are plenty of stops. Dogs and their owners will make stops at Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens, and Green Park to get off the bus and stretch their paws.

The tour will also tip London dog owners off to some pet-friendly restaurants and shops around the city.

Credit: © Mikael Buck / More Th>n

The 90-minute tour is free but requires a ticket, which is available online. The last day of the tour is January 19.

The tour was launched by More Th>n, a British insurance company, to celebrate their new service, which provides pet owners with insurance and delivers a monthly package of items to keep dogs healthy.

Credit: © Mikael Buck / More Th>n

“London is a city famed for its fascinating history and rich culture, much of which man’s best friend has been heavily involved in,” Steve Jay, from More Th>n, said in a statement. “The K9 Bus Tour aims to celebrate this often underappreciated fact, while also providing owners with a fun and unique way to spend time entertaining their beloved pet.”

Credit: © Mikael Buck / More Th>n

Last year the company created a contemporary art exhibit exclusively for dogs in London.