When traveling in Japan, there are a few iconic things every first-time visitor should see, such as the cherry blossom bloom, the geishas performing traditional dances in Kyoto, and the fresh sashimi all over the country. These things are all amazing, for sure, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on “The Three Shibas.”

In a recent video, Tawainese blogger Miguel Yeh shared the story of the three Shiba Inu dogs that have become the unofficial greeters of their neighborhood in Shimabara, on Kyushu island in the southern region of Japan. According to Miguel, visitors are flocking to see the fluffy dogs who eagerly await any and all passerbys.

The dogs and their peculiar behavior became a massive social media sensation after twitter user YU-RI shared a photo of the dogs on Twitter in 2016, Metro reported. Since the image was first sent the tweet has been shared more than 105,000 times.

Their owner reportedly created the 18 tiny windows through the fence for drainage or airflow purposes to the home. However, he quickly noticed his three pets loved to keep an eye on the outside world. And though these adorable little guys are always up for a hello or a scratch behind the ear, visitors are kindly asked via a sign reading “please do not feed the Shiba dogs,” as the pups tend to get upset stomachs.

If you want to visit the dogs all you have to do is walk buy, give a little whistle and wait. If you’re lucky, they’ll come out to say hello.