“All the little old ladies love him.”

By Cailey Rizzo
October 06, 2016
Courtesy of Sue Brunvand/Silver Fox Inn

There are lots of different reasons to travel. There's experiencing the cuisine in a new place, or diving into local art, or sports. And then there's traveling for cats.

A 31-pound cat at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, is drawing crowds.

The cat’s name is Logan and he has been a resident at the hotel for six years. But he recently gained fame when a Facebook video of him loping around the hotel garnered more than 33 million views.


“All the little old ladies, and most of our visitors, in fact, love him,” the owner of the hotel (and Logan), Tor Brunvand, told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “When they first arrive, they ask for Logan.”

Courtesy of Sue Brunvand/Silver Fox Inn

But not all of the response to Logan’s viral debut has been positive. The hotel owners said that they received a phone call from someone wanting to report them for animal abuse. Some commentors on the Facebook video have echoed this sentiment.

Logan weighs about three times the size of a normal cat. He has been in and out of the vet’s office and tried several diets but to no avail, his owners said. They are convinced that they have tried everything to help Logan lose weight and his size doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s unhealthy.

Courtesy of Sue Brunvand/Silver Fox Inn

“He is one of the happiest, easiest cats I’ve ever had,” Susan Brunvand told the Associated Press. “He doesn’t think he’s fat.”