Pigs may not fly, but this one hangs out at the airport.
Lilou with her pilot's cap
Credit: Courtesy of San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Fear not, stressed-out travelers: LiLou the therapy pig is here.

The San Francisco Airport (SFO) introduced its very first therapy pig Monday, as part of its “Wag Brigade,” a project that employs therapy animals to soothe passengers in the airport.

With red-painted toes and a bright blue tutu, LiLou made her first appearance Monday, to the delight of children and adults alike at the airport. Performing tricks while wearing her “pet me” vest, the small pig was an instant hit.

Therapy pig with kids
Credit: Courtesy of San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

“Since its launch in 2013, the SFO Wag Brigade has become a favorite amenity among travelers,” SFO's director of guest experience Christopher Birch said in a statement. “With the addition of LiLou, we can look forward to more moments of surprise and delight for guests at our airport.”

Lilou is a Juliana pig, a breed that typically grows to be 30-50 pounds and 13-15 inches high. She is joining a team of nearly 300 dogs, cats and rabbits that serve on this team at SFO, according to the same release.

This San Francisco project is not the first that has sought to incorporate therapy animals for the enjoyment and well-being of travelers. Airports in San Jose, Los Angeles, Miami and Oklahoma City have all instituted their own version of a therapy dog program, where passengers can pet a gaggle of different dogs

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport put their own spin on the trend with their therapy horses. A miniature horse named Dakota from a nearby farm piloted the program back in March, local news outlets reported.

But for now, LiLou appears to be the only therapy pig in the airport business. To follow more of her adventurers, admirers can join her more than 2,000 fans on Instagram.