Cow standing on cliff
Credit: Photofusion/UIG via Getty Images

The cows in Switzerland have been acting very strangely, and it’s left farmers baffled.

In Valais, in southern Switzerland, a herd of 13 Hérens cows broke out of their pen and ran towards a cliff. At the cliff’s edge, farmers believe the cows either fell or flung themselves over, leaving only one still alive after the fall.

Farmers theorize the herd must have been chased by some predator, perhaps a wolf or dog. However, according to Norbert Terrettaz, president of a farming insurance company in the region, who spoke to local newspaper La Nouvelliste, the cows exhibited abnormal behavior.

“Cows don’t follow each other like sheep, when they are scared they have a tendency to disperse,” said Terrettaz.

In addition, the cows passed through a pasture where there were four yaks, none of which sustained injuries, according to La Nouvelliste, which farmers and experts found strange.

The cows, which belonged to several different owners, were estimated to be worth about 20,000 francs, or US$20,600.

In 2009, another herd of Swiss cows in Lauterbrunnen also made headlines after hurling themselves off a cliff. Reports attributed the phenomena to thunderstorms spooking the animals.

Conspiracy theorists will be scratching their heads for a while on this one.