You Can Invite a Goat or Llama to Your Next Zoom Meeting — Here's How (Video)

Everything is better with a goat — including your zoom call.

The video chat app Zoom quickly became the go-to way for people who work at home to do business as stay-at-home and self-quarantine measures have been implemented around the world. In fact, using Zoom has become a major part of our social lives. We plan meetings with it, we host virtual parties on it, and we use it to connect with our friends and family during this global pandemic.

And your next Zoom meeting just got even better. According to the New York Post, Sweet Farm, a farm in California, is now offering people the chance to invite one of their farm animals into their Zoom meeting. The farm has goats and llamas, as well as cows, sheep, pigs, and turkeys.

"Sometimes people just want to watch a cow eat grass," Sweet Farm co-founder Nate Salpeter told the New York Post.

In order to get in on Sweet Farm's Goat 2 Meeting Initiative, they simply need to sign up on the farm's website and choose an option that's best for them. For a $65 donation, you can have a virtual private tour of the farm (for up to 6 people). For a $100 donation, the farm will bring one of its animals to your Zoom meeting for 10 minutes (unlimited guests). Or, for a $250 donation, you can get a private corporate virtual tour of the farm (for unlimited guests). The initiative also offers virtual field trips for educators for free.

Sweet Farm was founded by Salpeter and Anna Sweet in 2016 as a non-profit sanctuary that is dedicated to vegan culture, sustainability, and treating animals humanely, according to Sweet Farm's website.

The face of a llama
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The farm told the New York Post that there are already hundreds of requests for virtual meetings, including some from Fortune 500 companies. Salpeter told the New York Post that most of the time, the animal is not joining in on any serious work conferences, but rather more casual meetings (usually with kids).

In order to book your goat, llama, or another farm animal of your choice for your next Zoom meeting, visit the Sweet Farm website. You will need a link to go to your meeting in order to have an animal visit or virtual tour.

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