You Will Be Shocked at How Many Young Americans Say They've Never Seen a Cow in Person

A new study reveals some strange truths about the experiences of Americans who are 11 to 24.

It’s time to check major things off your life bucket list. And for a shocking amount of people that means seeing a cow — yes a cow — for the very first time.

Parked In Paradise, a lifestyle-website dedicated to helping people living their best life on the road, recently conducted a survey asking more than 3,500 Americans between the ages of 11 to 24 about their common ‘must-do’ experiences. According to the survey’s findings, just 9% of participants answered that they were fully satisfied with their current "level" of life experience.

The survey found a few obvious reasons why people may not feel satisfied, including four in ten (42%) Americans saying they’ve never visited another country, with 15% of young Americans saying they’ve never left the state that they were born. But, there were some less obvious reasons, too.

cow looking closely at camera
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Reasons like, over half of young Americans (54%) saying they’ve never had the simple joy of seeing a cow in real life. Again, more than half of young people surveyed said they’ve never seen a cow in real life.

Other findings include, 13% of respondents saying they’ve never sent snail mail, 19% have never cooked a meal from scratch, 27% have never seen the sunrise, 43% have never had an outdoors experience like camping or hiking, and 58% have never done any form of DIY project.

“Every experience, no matter how big or small you deem it to be, is valuable and that shouldn’t be forgotten,” Kate Moore, founder of Parked In Paradise, said. “That being said, it’s just human nature to feel like we’re missing out on something so if this guide can help spark a little joy in someone’s life then that is nothing short [of] amazing.”

As to why people have forgone these little pleasures, 80% said they did not have enough money while 77% said they didn’t have the time. While seeing a cow could take a little work, things like watching a sunrise can happen for free. Sending a postcard can cost less than $1.

Doing some DIY projects doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming either. Check out these DIY kits you can order now and take a few minutes out of each day to create something magical. Then, when you’re really ready, save up some vacation days and some cash to head to New York state for a cow cuddling session at Mountain Horse Farm. We promise you won’t regret it.

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