Never has there been a happier surfer.

Dolphins In Surf
Credit: UIG via Getty Images

Surfers are no strangers to the occasional dolphin sighting. As normalized as that may be, however, you would think getting body-slammed by a dolphin would be alarming, to say the least. But surfer Sam Yoon had a very different reaction after being on the receiving end of a dolphin bellyflop while out surfing in the waters of Duranbah, off the Golden Coast of Australia.

Lucky for him, an onlooker captured footage of the spectacle, which Yoon was incredibly excited to see after making it to shore. Incredibly excited may be too soft of a description—Yoon was over the moon. Check out his reaction below:

As you can see in the footage, it almost looks like the dolphin sensed Yoon and attempted a last-minute effort to avoid hitting him. Too little, too late—the pair collided in a hilarious meeting of sport and once-in-a-lifetime coincidence. Yoon walked away uninjured with an amazing story to tell.