By Alison Fox
December 05, 2019

New Yorkers run into a lot of weird things on the subway.

This time it was a brown duck that snarled subway service in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon, wandering the outdoor tracks on the N line just north of the Eighth Ave.-62nd St. station in Sunset Park, the New York Daily News reported.

Credit: By Eve Livesey/Getty Images

The duck follows in the footsteps of some pretty famous animals that have made a splash being spotted in the New York City subway system (we’re looking at you, pizza rat).

Duck on Brooklyn subway tracks
Credit: Courtesy of the MTA

The animal was spotted around noon and removed from the tracks just over an hour after it was first found.

During the mallard’s rescue, the Daily News reported that train operators were told to proceed with caution, but the bird’s presence didn’t cause delays. The duck was later determined to be in good health and turned over to someone who volunteered to care for it, NBC News reported.

These tracks seem to be a popular hangout spot for rebellious animals. NBC News explained the duck was found in the same area where a couple goats were rescued last year.

This also isn’t the first duck that has wandered onto the subway tracks. In 2017, a duck was spotted trying to hitch a ride on the train when it wandered onto the tracks at an L station in Bushwick, Gothamist reported. In that case, police were able to rescue the duck and release it near a reservoir.

While we can’t promise you’ll run into any wayward animals the next time you take the subway, it is one of the best ways to get around the city — just remember to not block the doors when people try to get off. And you can always try spotting one of the many rats wandering around the darkened tracks.