There are a lot of scenarios that come to mind when you hear “backpacker's worst nightmare.” Extreme temperatures, being chased by a bear, encountering hoards of tourists, running out of food, breaking a bone, fighting off a skunk that's attempting to eat your backpack... All of these things have happened, and we've got a video of the last one.

While hiking the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, a backpacker set up his tent after encountering an unexpected snowstorm. He wasn't the only one looking to get warm, considering a particularly angry skunk broke in and attempted to eat the hiker's backpack hours after his tent went up.

It's a scene straight out of a “Looney Tunes” episode, I know. But it gets better. In an attempt to rid his tent of the intruder skunk, the backpacker says: “Get outta here! Hey, freak! Stop eating my backpack!” all while his camera is rolling. I've got to say, I might have a few more words for the skunk after being woken up in such a rude manner.

The skunk did end up responding to the angry words, eventually biting the hiker.

The good news: The hiker just finished his rabies shots, so all is well in the world of humans having unexpected animal encounters.