San Antonio Zoo Livestream Lets You Practice Yoga With Lions, Bears, and Other Creatures (Video)

Is there anything more zen than yoga with a hippo?

Staying fit while you’re stuck inside for a self-quarantine can be very tricky.

If you’re practicing social distancing in order to combat coronavirus (COVID-19), going for a run, to the gym, or the yoga studio are the last things you want to do — if you're even allowed. But if you’re focused on staying healthy, you might want to look into online classes.

Or better yet, livestream a daily yoga session with the added bonus of seeing some adorable zoo animals.

The San Antonio Zoo is now livestreaming yoga sessions with certified instructor Heather Love, Insider reported. The program, called Zen Zoo, lets you work on your flow while also enjoying a view of lions, bears, birds, and other creatures.

Doing yoga with animals (online or in person) has become a bit of a trend. Lots of places around the world, from resorts to country farms, have offered yoga sessions with alpacas, baby goats, and even lemurs.

Love leads you through a simple exercise that’s good enough for yoga practitioners of all levels as she stands just outside one of the enclosures in the zoo. Like many other zoos across the country, the San Antonio Zoo is closed until further notice.

San Antonio Zoo Yoga
Courtesy of San Antonio Zoo

"We knew right away that we wanted to have a big social presence to stay connected to the community," said Tim Morrow, the zoo's president and CEO, to Insider.

Zen Zoo livestreams are posted everyday to the San Antonio Zoo’s Facebook page. The first video was posted on March 19, and you can luckily access past livestreams on the zoo’s YouTube channel. There’s even a playlist for all their past videos.

According to Insider, the zoo intends to post these yoga sessions every day until the zoo reopens.

The zoo also has a number of other initiatives to keep the community engaged while the zoo is empty, including daily educational live streams and encouraging people to create their own zoos in their backyard and post photos using the hashtag #FrontYardZoo.

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