By Cailey Rizzo
December 01, 2016
Markus Mainka/Getty Images

After losing a dog in cargo and neglecting to inform its owner, Mexican airline Interjet posted a reward seeking the lost animal. The dog, named Mika, was found in Mexico City on Wednesday after it had been lost for two days.

While loading a flight to Houston, handlers dropped Mika’s crate and the dog ran off. But the airline did not tell owner Pamela Alvarez that the dog had been lost until the plane landed in Houston.

Interjet posted images of the dog with the hashtag #BuscandoMika (#LookingForMika) to social media, hung fliers around the city and offered $5,000 peso (US$250) reward.

Alvarez and her husband, who live in Houston, immediately returned to Mexico City to look for her dog as soon as they were informed. Both Alvarez’s and Interjet’s posts were shared on social media thousands of times.

After nearly two days of searching, Mika was found on Wednesday. Alvarez thanked the man who found Mika, Dr. Miguel Ángel Rodriguez, for “his real commitment to puppies.”

The Humane Society of the United States strongly discourages travelers from flying with their pet in cargo. In addition to loss, animals can experience deprivation of oxygen or heat stroke in cargo hold.