By Erika Owen
January 20, 2017
Raccoon Family Trip
Credit: Getty Images/Science Source

Family road trips aren't always extraordinary, but when you're a raccoon and you give birth to five baby raccoons in a moving van traveling from Florida to California, you're set for an adventure.

The driver of the moving van discovered five newborn raccoons after driving five days from Fort Meyers, Florida, to Stinson Beach, California, according to Inside Edition.

It was at some point before the van was picked up from a long-term parking lot that the pregnant raccoon must have climbed into the back of the truck.

“When I was driving, I just heard a clicking noise in the back, but I assumed it was something rattling around,” the driver told Insider Edition. But once they opened up the back, the newborn raccoons—five in total, with their eyes still shut—were found.

But it doesn't end there. WildCare, a wildlife health and education center that nursed the babies back to health, was alerted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife that the raccoons could not be released in California and had to be returned to Florida, placed in a local zoo, or euthanized. When the Florida Fish and Wildlife also refusing to take the newborns, the WildCare center began a search for a zoo willing to take them. That search continues.

Melanie Piazza, director of animal care at WildCare, said “once we found out they were not going to be able to go back to the wild, we turned our rearing goals toward making them more habituated to humans, so they would be comfortable in an educational setting.”

If this isn't a plot for a new Disney movie, I don't know what is.