Pizza lives in a mall aquarium in China and has been called "the world's saddest" polar bear.

By Julia Zorthian and Julia Zorthian / Time
Updated: October 25, 2016
VCG via Getty Images

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A U.K. wildlife park has offered to relocate Pizza the “lonely” polar bear from an aquarium in a China mall to give him better living conditions.

Pizza made headlines earlier this year when people took note of his unnatural tank and began calling him the “world’s saddest polar bear” (though that’s hardly an objective title, there are a number of photos of the bear lying still in its small display case). The animal welfare charity Animals Asia began a petition to shut down the Grandview Center in Guangzhou where Pizza lives, and it’s received over 575,000 signatures.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster, England offered to bring Pizza to live in its specialized polar bear environment. The aquarium has not responded to the public proposition, the BBC reports. The park did not offer the aquarium any money for Pizza, said Animals Asia, out of concern that Grandview would use the money to purchase other animals.