Now you can take your pet everywhere with you on vacation.

By Talia Avakian
September 19, 2017
Courtesy of Petflair

Wish you could take your pet everywhere with you? A new Kickstarter is offering you the next best thing.

Inspired by the love of pets, Petflair is a new company based out of Sydney, Australia, that lets you create customized bathing suits and accessories — with your pet’s face on them.

Courtesy of Petflair

Having already surpassed their original Kickstarter goal of $12,042, the company is currently taking pre-orders to have your puppy-clad towel or cat-plastered purse arrive just in time for Christmas.

You can take a photo of your companion, upload it to Petflair’s website, and create a one-of-a kind design based on the colors, background patterns, and styles you’re interested in.

The swimsuits, which come in Olympic-style swim briefs for men and a choice between a string-back one-piece, a cross-back one-piece, or an open-back one-piece for women, are produced in the same European factory that makes custom swimsuits used during the Olympics, according to the company

Three minds were behind the brilliant (and adorable) project.

Tyler Martin, an Olympic water polo player and former swimsuit business owner, had previously been asked by friends to create a swimsuit with their dog’s face on it. He decided to jump full-swing into the project with computer programmer and designer, Charlie Gearside, and Brittany Bloomer, the founder of Pound Paws.

The trio's project doesn't just provide travelers with conversation-starting beach ware. Petflair also supports Bloomer's Pound Paws charity, which aims to reduce the number of pets on death row in animal shelters.

In addition to the bathing suits, you can also preorder towels, stickers, and bags. The company ships internationally.