At some point in the process of growing up, a giant snowfall becomes less-than-exciting news. What was once an opportunity for a missed day of school and an afternoon building snow sculptures becomes a giant obstacle between you and the office that doesn't close in the event of precipitation.

Winter can still be that magical wonderland you looked forward to as a kid, you just need to do a little digging. For instance, look to YouTube for videos of animals have the. best. time. frolicking in the snow. The good people at the Toronto Zoo gave us all a precious gift when the built their giant panda, Da Mao, a snowman to play with. Lucky for all of us, they recorded it.

The following footage answers the question: What exactly would happen if you put a snowman and a giant panda in the same yard? It starts tame enough around 12:05:09, where you can watch Da Mao dig into the center of the snowman. Around 12:05:46, watch as the panda attempts to give the snowman what can only be described as a bear hug. But wait: Da Mao just really wants to stand on the snowman's head. Definitely tune in around 12:05:56 to watch the most adorable “panda falling off a snowman while simultaneously decapitating it” footage.

You should certainly stick around for the entire thing, but at least make it to 12:08:42, where the panda assumes the universal “it's Monday morning and I'm not leaving bed” stance. You're welcome.