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Best. Job. Ever.

Panda lovers, your dream job may have just been realized. A video from the People’s Daily shows a panda caretaker in a Chinese zoo who donned a panda costume to cuddle baby pandas.

But it’s not all for fun and games. These panda caretakers actually put on suits to teach pandas how to live in the wild, without humans to help them survive.

According to The Atlantic, “human attachment can hinder a panda’s chances of survival once it is released,” especially if these cubs will live in the wild or even in wildlife reserves, rather than in captivity.

One less than ideal aspect of the job is that sometimes the caretakers use panda urine to fully disguise themselves.

Dressing up is also meant to minimize as much stress as possible for the panda cubs, according to The Atlantic. Weird, hairless creatures that only walk on two legs and wear silly blue masks can be intimidating.

BBC Breakfast’s tweet of the video has the internet rethinking its career choices. Plenty of people are now offering to take up the job of panda cuddler – even if it means wearing an old panda suit.