Orca whales
Credit: Getty Images

Whale watchers in Scotland have been enjoying an unforgettable week.

A pod of orcas have been spotted by several people along the River Clyde, near Gourock and Dunoon, since Saturday. According to the BBC, orcas are rarely seen in this part of the Clyde, though they are sometimes spotted near the Isle of Arran.

The killer whales have most likely come to this part of the river for its abundance of food, namely porpoises and seals.

Videos from several locals on ferry tours show the whales swimming and jumping in the waters. David Nairn, a representative of the Clyde Porpoise marine mammal protection project, told the BBC that the video shows at least one calf in the pod.

The coast guard has issued some warnings on social media to steer clear of the pods so as not to harm the whales, especially the baby calf.

Tourists and locals alike have been flocking to the beaches and ferries to get a good look at the rare sight. Many photos can be seen on Twitter.

Corinne Gordon, out of hours coordinator for British Divers Marine Life Rescue, told Sky News that her organization has been tracking the pod and making sure the marine mammals remain safe.

Gordon confirmed rumors that there were six whales total, including one young whale. “There was a pod of six — one bull, one calf and four females — and about 8:45 p.m., they were heading west towards Greenock, in a deep shipping lane and away from danger,” she told Sky News.

“We had one come into the Clyde a couple of years ago. They are not strangers there but it's not common,” she added.