Old Friends Senior Dogs just broke the internet.

Beautiful older black dog.
Credit: Getty Images

Livestreams are all the rage right now. Though none — I repeat none — will bring you as much joy as this one.

Yes, museums are offering free virtual tours of priceless artworks, and sure, the Metropolitan Opera is streaming encore performances of some of its greatest shows, but, Old Friends Senior Dogs is livestreaming its senior dog gathering room, and it has everyone else beat.

“Here in the cozy Gathering Room, the mature and loving senior dogs of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary eat their meals, play, and snuggle together,” the sanctuary explained on its webcam’s website.

According to its bio, the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary (OFSDS) provides a “loving home, good food, high-quality vet care, compassion and comfort to senior dogs for the remainder of their lives.” The sanctuary is located outside of Nashville in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

It noted, senior dogs are sadly one of the hardest populations to find homes for due to their shorter life spans and high medical costs. However, the non-profit has set up a “ForeverFoster Home network” to help the pups find peace in their golden years.

Want to get to know the pups on the cam a bit more? Here’s some information.

There’s Milton, a tan mixed breed, and Loretta, an owner surrender Maltese mix who is 11 years old. And Wyatt, a beagle who is 10 years old, along with Kiwi, a teeny tiny stray chihuahua who is about nine years old.

Oh, and of course there’s Spanky, a stray Yorkie about 13 years old, and Cocoa, an owner surrender Cocker Spaniel who is about 14 years old.

Don’t forget Charlotte, an owner surrender border collie/terrier mix who is about 10 years old, and Chip and Dale, a pair of owner surrender Chihuahuas. According to the non-profit, this duo is a “nine-year-old bonded pair originally coming in as Thunder and Lightning.

Lastly, there’s Chance, a black lab mix who came in just last week.

Want to help out these pups? You could always apply to foster, however, the non-profit shared, due to the coronavirus, the Sanctuary has a few other specific needs including Odoban, "the disinfectant that we use to keep things clean in our building.” The team added, “our normal sources of this disinfectant are not there so I'm putting a request out there for anyone who can help. If you can find any gallon bottles of Odoban Disinfectant....scent makes no difference...and could get it to the Sanctuary we would be most grateful.”