You Can Do Yoga With Horses on the Beaches of Indonesia

Talk about once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

As any equestrian will tell you, there's just something magical about the relationship between man and horse. And NIHI Sumba, a hotel constantly on top of Travel + Leisure's World's Best list, is here to prove it.

The renowned hotel, located just an hour outside of Bali, is home to a world-class equestrian facility, including horse whispering and horse surfing programs that will absolutely change your soul.

"Horses are highly intelligent and majestic creatures and play an important role in Sumbanese culture and human therapy work worldwide," the hotel explained in a statement. "They have been used for therapeutic purposes since the time of the ancient Greeks when Greek physician Hippocrates, known as the 'Father of Medicine,' wrote about the therapeutic potential of horseback riding, and where better to experience this than the wild beach of Nihiwatu."

people riding horses at a beach
Courtesy of Nihi Sumba

Each morning, the hotel releases its horses from its Sandalwood stables so they may gallop freely on the beach and take a dip in the sea to cool off. This year, the hotel is inviting guests to come and see this awesome experience for themselves and truly become a member of the herd.

Next, guests can join in on horse whispering with Carol Sharpe, who invites all to come and learn how to soften their steps and be "absorbed by the innate wisdom and soothing nature of the horse. Whether you are a passionate horse person or simply a lover of nature and wildlife, this new invitation will open your eyes to the beauty of Sumba's most famous wild residents."

horses at a beach
Courtesy of Nihi Sumba

Guests of the resort can also take part in groundwork and riding experiences, which will teach humans the importance of leadership in riding to help build a better relationship with their animal counterparts.

"There is nothing quite like the feeling of commanding respect of an animal such as this – and the benefits to humans are vast – from reducing blood pressure to helping to calm physical symptoms of conditions such as anxiety and stress," the hotel added.

Additionally, guests can take part in a yoga-meets-riding experience, where they are guided through a gentle yoga class while on horseback on the nearby beach as the soft sounds of the waves crashing help lull them even deeper into relaxation.

Stays at the property begin at £2,360 ($3,265) for two people sharing a villa, or £1,180 ($1,632) per person per night based on a minimum three-night stay. It includes one equine groundwork and riding session, one yoga session, one swimming with horses session, one beach ride, three days of meals, and other non-equine activities.

See the hotel's website now for more information and booking options.

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