The stunning footage was captured in Japan's famous Nara Park.

Oh, deer. This magical sight might take your breath away.

The deer in Nara Park, located in Nara, Japan, have always been a big tourist draw. The park is home to over 1,200 wild sika deer, according to My Modern Met, who freely roam the park’s 1,240 acres, delighting the thousands of tourists who flock there every year.

But like many parks and public places around the world, Nara Park has been closed in accordance with lockdown orders to combat the spread of coronavirus. Only locals have been able to wander this gorgeous park since the pandemic began, as long as they observe safe social distancing and wear face masks. But while the many extra tourists are away, the deer are able to enjoy some alone time.

According to Matador Network, a video, taken six weeks prior from Japanese photographer Kazuki Ikeda, shows a number of these magnificent deer calmly relaxing under gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

The sight looks almost unreal, as if a Disney movie has suddenly come to life. The deer, who are remarkably social and comfortable with people, look like if Bambi’s whole family decided to have a reunion. The cherry blossom trees, which were shedding their petals to create a pink, flowery blanket on the ground, obviously added an extra magical touch.

Ikeda told My Modern Met that he hopes his video will help people stay positive during the pandemic. “The pandemic is exhausting the hearts of people all over the world,” he said. “I hope this video makes people around the world feel at ease.”

It’s honestly making us all dream of a future trip to Japan — once international travel is more open, of course. Until then, anyone can still take a virtual, 360-degree tour of the park.

Ikeda actually has a number of colorful and gorgeous photos (some of which include more friendly deer) on his Instagram.