Seeing these newborns is reason enough for a vacation.

By Erika Owen
September 30, 2016
Baby Animals
Credit: Zweer de Bruin/Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Two newborn Golden-Bellied Capuchin monkeys made their debut at the Münster Zoo in Germany, the largest breeding group for the species in Europe. (Sixteen currently call the zoo home.)

The only place you'll find more of these monkeys is at La Vallée de Singes in France, where there are 17.

Golden-Bellied Capuchin monkeys are an endangered species, currently marked as “critically Endangered,” meaning the birth of these cuties is a big deal.

The two were born in early August, but you can now see them roaming the exhibit with the rest of their troop. These monkeys are diurnal and arboreal, according to They spends their days hunting for food and sleep in trees during the night hours. You know, kind of like humans.

Another fun fact: Golden-Bellied Capuchin monkeys can jump up to nine feet high—perfect for hopping from limb-to-limb.

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